Located on the Western coast of Wales and abundant with quaint seaside villages and stunning hilly countryside, Pembrokeshire has long been regarded as one of Wale’s most cherished counties. It’s also a playground for adrenaline pumping activities; from coasteering and canyoning to wakeboarding and hiking. With so much potential for adventure on offer, it’s not surprising that we think Pembrokeshire is the perfect Kids Camp location.

coasteering at kids camp

Thanks to Pembrokeshire’s rugged coastline and beautiful beaches we are able to take to the water in sea kayaks and learn to surf in the swell. We cater for all abilities and our main aim is to always have fun; we don’t take things too seriously!

But we aren’t in the water all the time: Pembrokeshire has go-karting, rock climbing and even paintballing arenas to bring everyone’s competitive side out. They’re the perfect opportunity to practice team building skills and encourage the kids to have fun with their friends whilst perhaps trying something new.

paintballing on kids camp

We offer great accommodation to stay in complete with meals and transfers as we believe in always going the extra mile. Our accommodation comes complete with beautiful views and plenty of room to run around. On our camps we really encourage the kids to put down their phones and engage with their surroundings; it’s all about unplugging and living in the moment rather than through a screen, and we promote this philosophy. Plus, we’ll take plenty of pictures and videos, so there’s no need to worry about having lasting reminders of the amazing memories that they have made.

accommodation at kids camp

Aside from the watersports and outdoor adventures we also provide many extra activities on our camps; such as football games, cinema nights and boardgames. We also give out certificates such as “Adventurer of the Day” for kids who have really stood out to us and this in turn encourages them to dive in and get as much as they can from our activities. Our Kids Camps are the perfect opportunity for youngsters to bond and create lasting friendships all whilst doing the most exciting things the amazing county of Pembrokeshire has to offer.